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 Definition A source of renewable energy, is biological material such as wood, wood waste, municipal solid waste, straw, sugar cane, algae, and many other byproducts derived from agricultural and forestry production as well as other sources. [d] [e]
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Some history about this article

This article started as a lemma article which I created on May 19, 2010. Then on March 23, 2011 a new member created an article about biomass uses in CZ:Upload/Sandbox which was written to satisfy a requirement of a university English course that the new member was taking. Matt Innis then transferred that article to a personal sandbox for that new member where it belonged and where his article still exists. That new member was active for 1 day, March 23, 2011, and has made no further contributions since then.

Meanwhile, I had cut and pasted much of the content from CZ:Upload/Sandbox (which was later deleted) into this article and then made a number of relatively small edits in an attempt to correct many of the content deficiencies. However, I then decided that the best course was to extensively re-format and re-write most of the article, which I have now done as of today. - Milton Beychok 16:42, 5 April 2011 (UTC)