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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Banking.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.

Regulators and advisory bodies

Industry associations and professional bodies

  • American Bankers Association[11]
  • British Banking Association [12]
  • Chartered Institution of Bankers[13]

Committee reports

  • (EU) The de Larosière Report[14]. February 2009. The High-level Group on Financial Supervision in the EU.
  • (UK) House of Lords Report on Banking Regulation and Supervision[15]. June 2009. (Recommends reform of the UK's tripartite regulatory system)
  • (UK)The Turner Review[16]. March 2009. (A regulatory response to the global banking crisis).
  • (UK) The Walker Review[17]. July 2009. (A review of corporate governance in UK banks and other financial industry entities)
  • (UK) Interim report of the Independent Committee on Banking, May 2011[18]