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Czech[1] (čeština in Czech) is a West Slavic language spoken in the Czech Republic and by Czechs around the world. It is mutually intelligible with the Slovak language.


Nouns - podstatná jména

Czech nouns are divided into three genders: masculine (mužský rod), feminine (ženský rod), and neuter (střední rod); however, in some cases differentiation is required between masculine animates (mužský rod žívotný) and masculine inanimates (mužský rod nežívotný). Gender classifications affect the endings of adjectives and which endings will be used in different grammatical cases.

Cases - pády

There are seven cases in Czech: nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, locative, instrumental and vocative. Cases use both singular and plural forms.


  1. Czech is pronounced [ˈtʃek].