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Workgroups are no longer used for group communications, but they still are used to group articles into fields of interest. Each article is assigned to 1-3 Workgroups via the article's Metadata.

Linguistics Workgroup
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Below is a listing of articles within the scope of the Linguistics Workgroup.

For workgroup discussion, please join the Linguistics Workgroup mailing list or see the talk pages here and here.

Articles are in various stages of development. Check Linguistics External Articles for pages that have not changed significantly from the Wikipedia versions, and Linguistics Developing Articles for those with significant work. Developed articles are those that are nearing completion.

If you want to see the recent edits to all articles tagged under this workgroup, no matter how small, click the recent changes link in the CZ menu, or click here.

If you feel like carrying out some maintenance, articles needing tidying up are listed under Linguistics Cleanup and Linguistics Category Check.

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