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  • Biological clock [r]: Physiological mechanism that regulates the timing of any biological process or activity [e]
  • Breast cancer [r]: Cancer of the glandular breast tissue. [e]
  • Contraception (medical methods) [r]: forms of pregnancy prevention that include barrier contraceptives (condoms, cervical caps, etc.), birth control pills or patches (i.e, hormonal contraceptives), and IUD's (intrauterine devices) [e]
  • Evolution of menopause [r]: History of the origins of menopause and the evolutionary processes that have affected the menstral cycle. [e]
  • Hemochromatosis [r]: Hereditary disorder affecting iron metabolism in which excessive amounts of iron accumulate in the body tissues, characterized by diabetes mellitus, liver dysfunction, and a bronze pigmentation of the skin. [e]
  • Irritable bowel syndrome [r]: A disorder with chronic or recurrent colonic symptoms without a clearcut etiology. [e]
  • Natural family planning [r]: the least reliable form of birth control, based on abstinence during the days of the month when the female is ovulating, whereby one in five women will likely become pregnant if sexually active and using only this method [e]
  • Ovary (human) [r]: Paired female reproductive organ that produces ova and, estrogen and progesterone. [e]
  • Steroid [r]: Hormone group that controls metabolism, catabolism, growth, electrolyte balance and sexual characteristics. [e]