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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Natural family planning.
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  • Christian views on contraception [r]: there is wide variation, with the Catholic Church completely rejecting it, and Protestant groups running the gamut between complete disapproval and complete acceptance, and Quakers having no collective opinion at all [e]
  • Concealed ovulation (human) [r]: The lack of outward signs of oestrus in human females. [e]
  • Contraception (medical methods) [r]: forms of pregnancy prevention that include barrier contraceptives (condoms, cervical caps, etc.), birth control pills or patches (i.e, hormonal contraceptives), and IUD's (intrauterine devices) [e]
  • Judaism [r]: Monotheistic religion of the Jewish people based on the Torah. [e]
  • Menopause [r]: The cessation of menstrual activity due to failure to form ovarian follicles, which normally occurs age 45–55. [e]