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A collection of videos relating to the topic of Spiel.

Bowery Waltz

Vaudeville performance of a stylized dance-hall spiel, showing James T. Kelly and Dorothy Kent of Waite's Comedy Company and their famous "Bowery dance".[1]

A Tough Dance

Exaggerated vaudeville rendition of one of the so-called tough dances, performed by Kid Foley and Sailor Lil, two Bowery dancers.[2] The tough dance emerged in the late 19th century and became prominent in 1905, gradually replacing the earlier dance-hall spiel. The dance "not only permitted physical contact, it celebrated it. Indeed, the essence of tough dancing was its suggestion of sexual intercourse".[3] Similarities to the Parisian Apache Dance have been noted.[4]

New York: A Documentary Film

Scene from a documentary film explaining the origin of the song "The Sidewalks of New York".[5]


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