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 Definition 20th-century physicist who formulated the theories of relativity. [d] [e]
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[[Image:Max-Planck-und-Albert-Einstein.jpg|thumb|left|222px|[[Max Planck]] presents Einstein with the Max-Planck medal, Berlin June 28, 1929]]

[[Image:Einstein theory triumphs.png|thumb|left|222px|"Einstein theory triumphs," declared the ''[[New York Times]]'' on November 10 1919.]]

[[Image:1919 eclipse negative.jpg|thumb|180px|1919 solar eclipse]]

[[Image:Einstein house in Princeton.jpg|thumb|left|222px|Einstein's two-story house, white frame with front porch in [[Greek revival]] style, in [[Princeton, New Jersey|Princeton]] (112 Mercer Street).]]

[[Image:Tagore-einstein2.jpg|thumb|right|165px|[[Rabindranath Tagore]] sits with Einstein during their widely-publicized [[July 14]], [[1930]] conversation.]]

[[Image:Einstein paper money.jpg|thumb|right|222px|A 5 [[Israeli pound]] note from 1968 with the portrait of Einstein.]]

[[Image:Einstein TIME Person of the Century.jpg|thumb|right|159px|Einstein on the cover of ''TIME'' as Person of the Century.]]

</div><!--[[IMAGE:Einstein Memorial.jpg|thumb|right|215px|The [[Albert Einstein Memorial|Albert Einstein Memorial, Washington DC]] [ (more photos)]at the [[National Academy of Sciences]] in [[Washington, DC]].]]--><div class="references-small">

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Einstein's value of Avogadro's number quoted in this article is wrong (IMHO)--Paul Wormer 11:34, 28 June 2008 (CDT)